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Our Approach
Our aim is to make YOUR customers happy. To achieve this, we take the following steps:
Offer you a comprehensive, single-point solution, as per your requirements, for rewards management.
Prepare a rewards strategy, identify the appropriate rewards, source the rewards and manage all the fulfillment activities, thereby providing end-to-end rewards management .
Identify the price points at which the rewards are to be offered and the type of rewards suitable, given the profile of your members.
Suggest the frequency for the redemption: should it be continuous or in phases, or should it be only a gifting program rather than a Rewards Redemption Program.
Provide a single-point solution for all your rewards procurement and ship it to the end customers of your rewards program.
Manage tie-ups with around 100 premium and popular brands which are used in the rewards catalogue designed by us.
Customize the rewards catalogue as per your requirement. Our sourcing team does specific vendor/product searches so that the products offered are relevant to your audience.