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Our Noteworthy Projects

Various organizations have profited with these reward programs and as a result, have developed splendid customer relationships. Do take a look at these interesting case studies.

Smart Card-based loyalty program
Rewards its members (two-wheeler and four-wheeler owners) for all their purchases on fuel, lubes and bazaar items at the retail outlets of the company
The largest in its category in Asia
Covers 1.8 million customers spread across the country
Covers around 3000 retail outlets spread over 67 cities
Around 75 reward items are offered to the members ranging from wallets to white goods to vehicles
Over-the-counter redemptions are also offered for instant gratification of low value items
Members can view the rewards and important announcements online.
Loyalty program for the fleet operators of a leading petroleum retailing Fortune 500 organization
Program targets corporates, business entities and transporters who own a fleet of a minimum five vehicles
Points can be pooled in for all the vehicles used, and redeemed for the rewards offered
Around 60,000 fleet operators under the purview of the loyalty program.
Covering major highways across the country
Around 75 reward items being offered from bags, watches AC’s, refrigerators, holidays, vehicles etc.

Channel-based loyalty program for home loan reselling agents of a leading private sector bank.
For the resellers of home loan products
Members accumulate points based on the loans they sell
A two pronged program, one for the DMAs and the other for the individual agents
Targeting 2000 members
Covering around 90 cities in the country
Handling 10,000 redemption requests annually spread across two redemptions drives in a year
An online program where the members can redeem their points from an array of options present before them, ranging from household appliances, lifestyle products, white goods, IT products, holidays, gold jewellery etc.
Members given a unique Login ID and password, where they can login and redeem their reward items
Reward items are shown online

Channel Loyalty Program for the Agents of a Multinational General Insurance Company.
Targeted to the agents of General Insurance products of the company
Covered around 1000 members spread across 60 cities of the country
Various categories of reward items including household appliances, gift vouchers, consumer durables, travel, IT Products etc.
Online redemptions platform where the members could login, view their points online and place their requests. The online redemptions approved by the client and sent to Red Box for fulfillment

Channel loyalty program for the wholesalers of a leading FMCG Company.
Covering around 14,000 wholesalers across the country
Rewards them for their monthly off-take from the company
Voucher based catalogue covering around 200 cities across the country.
Range of products and vouchers from retail chains, durables, holidays, jewellery, IT brands, vehicles etc
Online redemption where the members can login into the website, place their redemption requests and the same is sent to Red Box for fulfillment