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The perfect mix is critical!
Incentives are used to reward behavior or to influence future behavior. Rewards need to be properly selected to be desirable and aspirational for the customers/members/channel/employees, and also achievable and affordable.

Reward programs can be launched for various purposes:
Channel Incentive Program

Channel Incentive Programs give you an ideal platform to launch a continuous incentives program for your channel partners and salespeople, and at the same time allowing you to offer tactical promotions to boost seasonal purchases or to counter competition.

Our ‘Sales Motivation and Performance Rewards’ is a simple and easy way to use rewards for driving sales performance, for product training and in increasing awareness.

It helps in maintaining the operating market price by reducing the price competition amongst your channel partners.
We have demonstrated through various programs that channel partners’ effectiveness and share can be substantially improved through setting stretch targets for them, providing them meaningful incentives and effective communication.

Customer Loyalty program

Loyalty programs are typically launched to increase sales and / or reduce churn. A customer rewards program often includes points and a mix of rewards. Knowing the right mix is the key for driving maximum profits and return on investment for your program.

Rewards are the raison d’être for a customer loyalty program and hence getting the rewards mix right will determine the success of the program. Rewards need to be meaningful, achievable and exciting for the target audience. While as a company running the loyalty program, rewards need to be available to you at the right price point, enabling you to provide a higher value perception of the program to your customers.

Having influenced their buying behaviour through a highly exciting rewards catalogue, you need to ensure that the customer disposition to your brand remains positive by ensuring that the fulfillment strategy of the rewards is well thought through and comprehensive. More importantly the rewards manager needs to take care of your fulfillment worries including managing escalation from customers of non-receipt or broken receipt. That is where RedBox provides a significant differentiator with its tie-up with multiple couriers mapped across the country, SAP back end for tracking each item of redemption and its comprehensive MIS enabling you to track the redemptions at the click of a button.

RedBox can enable SMS updates to members as well as your organization on the status of the redemptions which can effectively reduce the customer complaints flowing to you.

RedBox also helps you take your rewards program online by designing and implementing online modules where your customers can redeem, you can approve the redemptions and the rewards fulfillment updates are uploaded for members to track.

Employee Recognition Program

Employee motivation rests on recognizing productivity as it happens. Moreover, employee recognition programs, like all company incentive programs, must help control costs and track productivity with proven return. Our products and services make it easy for you to launch programs such as the following and more:

Peer Awards & Nominations
Adherence to Values & Mission
Recognition Awards & Nominations
Birthdays or any Occasion
Anniversary & Years of Service
Productivity Awards
Incentive Programs Drive Results
Increase Retention & Loyalty
Improve Employee Performance

Contests & Promotions

Whenever you need to conduct a contest, the winners are decided on a certain criteria. RedBox helps you design the appropriate contest, decide on the gifts to be given at the appropriate price points and manage the entire fulfillment. RedBox can customize rewards to suit the varied needs of your audience and to provide them with a unique experience that they will cherish. RedBox also advises you on the tax implications in running these contests and promotions.

Market Research

Your panelists are your most important assets. Rewards programs help them feel as if their opinions count and that their time is valued.

Our solutions for market research incentives make it simple and easy for you to use the rewards programs for:

Driving acquisition
Increasing participation
Improving retention

Red Box Rewards offers an end to end rewards solution; we help you put your rewards strategy in place. We prepare an offline as well as an online rewards catalogue for you. The rewards catalogue can be customized according to your specific requirements.

Mobile talktime as rewards

One of the big challenges for companies is to offer low value rewards for customers at the lower end of the spectrum whose opportunity to accumulate points is limited. In many cases items whose value is lower than Rs.100/- are not worthwhile and the fulfillment costs of some of these are make them unviable. That is where mobile talktime as a reward item makes immense sense whether it is for a loyalty program or for a promotion. With mobile penetration in the country ensuring that almost every customer who is eligible for a reward has a mobile phone, mobile talk time is a useful reward across the spectrum of customers.

RedBox provides mobile talk time as rewards for its clients wherein mobile talk time of any denomination upwards of Rs.100/- can be credited to any pre-paid phone number across almost all of the key mobile service providers in the country.

The advantages of this reward are:
- It is instantaneous
- It is low value
- It has a trail of delivery
- It is seamless

Call us to show you how we can enable this for you!